In June 2018, i2a, the International Antimony Association ( has elected Dr Hans Vercammen as new Chairman for a 2-year term.
Vercammen, a Belgian national, is Business Unit Manager for the Specialty Chemicals Business Unit at Campine in Beerse, Belgium. Campine is the world largest non-Chinese producer of Antimony trioxide (ATO). Hans Vercammen succeeds Geert Krekel, who has successfully chaired the association for over a decade.

Caroline Braibant, Secretary-General of i2a says the Association is still growing: "We recently had several requests for new memberships from around the globe. This is likely related to the increased regulatory demands from different authorities and the support companies get from i2a to navigate through those increasingly complex rules and legislations”. Indeed, i2a’s mission is to inspire product stewardship along the antimony value chain by generating and sharing information concerning the environmental and health safety and societal benefits of antimony compounds. Caroline Braibant welcomes the choice of Hans Vercammen as new Chair "It is important to have one of the main companies in our industry to head the organization, as it stresses the need to unify the handling of matters of common interest".

Vercammen looks ahead to a critical period for Antimony "Regulatory pressure is complicating lots of business areas and sectors, and this is not different for us, some materials such as Antimony Trioxide (ATO) are currently under investigation to potentially get a different classification". He urges all companies and stakeholders to join the association and support the future of the industry, for which he sees lots of opportunities. "Antimony is considered a critical raw material for the European Economy with a high socio-economic benefit. It cannot be replaced by other materials in most cases: as a fire-retardant synergist ATO has no substitution that matches performance and price. The increased demand for flame retardants is a big opportunity for our industry" Vercammen concludes.

About i2a
The mission of the International Antimony Association (i2a) is to inspire product stewardship along the antimony value chain.  This mission is accomplished by generating and sharing information concerning the environmental and health safety and societal benefits of antimony and antimony compounds.
One of the pillar regulations framing the product stewardship of antimony substances is the European REACH regulation (Regulation (EC) n° 1907/2006).  This Regulation sets the rules and steps by which information must be generated, assessed, shared and kept up to date.  This information is also used as a reference database on antimony and antimony substances in many other regulatory programs and various jurisdictions worldwide.
Through a common evidence base, i2a promotes a harmonized risk management and continued safe use of antimony and antimony substances across the value chain and geographical borders.
About Campine
Campine offers new and sustainable material solutions by combining over 100 years of experience in metallurgy and chemistry with its scientific and process know-how. With a global customer base, Campine markets these solutions worldwide.
Campine is actively participating in the transition towards the circular economy. As such, the recycled materials sold back to the market contribute to a safe and zero-waste society. Post-consumer and industrial waste are the preferred sources of raw materials at Campine: by recycling car batteries, metals such as lead and others are recovered.
The Specialty Chemicals division produces and markets a wide variety of flame retardants and other additives for the plastics industry.