Campine Recycling NV took notice of the press release of the European Commission and their statement of objection regarding the investigation involving 5 lead recycling companies, suspected of participating in a purchasing cartel for scrap lead-acid batteries. This presumption does not prejudge the definite outcome of the investigation that was launched in September 2012.

In this context Campine Recycling NV received several information requests from the European Commission and it grants its full cooperation in this investigation.

The "statement of objections" from the European Commission, is a document in which the Commission gives its preliminary points, so that the companies concerned are able to present their side of the case. Campine Recycling NV now has the opportunity to address these points in a Response.

It is our view that Campine Recycling NV has always acted in line with the European Commission’s law and regulations implementing the circular economy strategy.

Campine Recycling NV is active in the recycling of scrap lead-acid batteries. These are recycled – with best available techniques at Campine Recycling NV - into lead that is used again by consumers; mainly in new lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries are almost fully recycled in Europe. Lead is traded on the London Metal Exchange where prices are set transparently on a daily basis.