A lead-acid battery is used as a starter battery in each of the 60 million vehicles produced worldwide every year. In addition, lead batteries are used to power fork lifts and to provide back-up power for hospitals, telecommunications companies, public buildings and renewable energy sources. 80% of all lead is consumed by the battery industry, of which more than 95% are recycled.


Lead Sheet

Lead sheets are used in the construction industry to provide protection against radiation in hospitals, laboratories, nuclear installations and radiation equipment. In roofing applications, lead sheet still provides unrivaled quality, durability and ease of manipulation.


Sheathing for Electrical Cables

High Power undersea and underground electrical cables use lead as an impermeable sheathing to protect against water and corrosion in marine environments.



Due to its high density and durability, lead is used for weighting purposes in hoisting, boating and other ballast applications.



Lead as alloying element plays a role in solder material (Tin-Lead), bearing material (Lead-Tin for low friction), steel- and aluminum production for better machinability.


Various Other Applications

Lead is applied in various other applications, such as ammunition, glass, crystal, electrical ceramics and printing.