Campine is, as lead recycler and producer of catalyst- and flame-retardant additives for the plastics industry, a company that specifically underlines its engagements towards environmental, safety, health and quality through its production processes and products.

Campine uses a management system in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well as the specific demands of the governmental Metatechnical Evaluation System (MES) for Seveso.

Points of attention / scope:

  • For safety & health: reduce health & ergonomic risks, prevent accidents and incidents.
  • For environment: prevent water discharge, air and dust emissions, soil contamination, waste and burden for/to the civility; energy control and hazardous products management.
  • For quality: understand the customer demands, the right product quality and stability.

For health as well as for safety, environment and quality there is a constant overall

  • Strive for maximal customer satisfaction.
  • Maximal use of the best available technology and anticipate to/for the evolution of techniques and legislations.
  • Pursuit of maximal compliance with legislation and other binding agreements.
  • Pursuit of continuous improvements; by making the process effects as measurable as possible, understanding them and improving them proactively by means of including the responsibilities in the line.

This management system foresees in the prevention of accidents and incidents, in particular severe accidents (disasters) by the following measures:

  • A systematic identification of the danger of severe accidents (disasters), accidents and incidents which can occur during normal and abnormal working, as well as the evaluation of the related risks.
  • Design, execute and follow-up modifications (incl. new installations) based on risk analyses.
  • Acknowledge the foreseeable emergency situations, analyse them and ingrate them in emergency plans which are continuously tested, trained, evaluated and adjusted in order to master such emergency situations with maximal efficiency.
  • Foresee a permanent control on the compliance and efficiency of the procedures and objectives to bring continuous improvement into practice.
  • Educate and train our collaborators in their tasks, responsibilities and authorities from their career.
  • Execute maintenance in a structured and controlled manner with workweek for permits own personnel or third parties.

In practice, the measures are linked to and supported by a number of projects on the short and middle term:

  • Sensible each Campine-collaborator regarding attitude and desired behavior in the fields of safety, health, environment and quality.
  • Simple structure and documentation of the management system.
  • Adequate infrastructure and production means.

Policy declaration: PDF document.