Campine is synonymous with development for over 100 years!

Campine has a high reputation for reliability and credibility in the non-ferrous and plastics industry developed by its employees' expertise since 1912.
Forward-looking thinking and innovation are core values of the Group.

We are Campine.
We are committed & competent.



lead ingots antimony ingots flame retardant masterbatch


Campine Recycling produces the full range of lead alloys and soft lead from lead residues. By doing so we keep the environment safe from used batteries and other spent lead residues from application in cable sheathing – roofing – sanitary and glass.


Campine Antimony is a leading, semi-integrated company producing antimony oxide as synergist for the flame retardant industry, as well as catalyst for the PET industry.


Campine Plastics is a leading specialist combining flame retardant additives and other secondary additives into raw plastic polymers to propose flame retardant masterbatch solutions to the plastics industry.

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